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C Lime Pie – Equilibrium

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Pale Ale – Can 473ml – 4.8%

“You know what would be fun? C Lime Pie!” That was the text we got from our Henry Street Head Brewer, OG Kyle, recently and we went with it. C Lime Pie is our pale ale, C, dry hopped with 2020 Motueka and then pastrified into the classic dessert, Key Lime Pie. Starting off with our pale ale we added Cake Mix, Lime, Vanilla, and Lactose.

C Lime Pie pours a vibrant yellow with notes of lime and fluffy cake. The flavors is a mix of fruity hops, vanilla, yellow cake, and a refreshing lime finish all wrapped up in a very creamy but light body that you won’t feel guilty about. This beer is fun and crushable at 4.8 %. C if you can have just have one, bet you cant!


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